Marissa Twitchell

Software Development Engineer with over 5 years of experience in a variety of fields including technology, travel, telecommunications, non-profit, and retail.

Marissa Twitchell
About Me:
Marissa Twitchell

Hi, my name is Marissa. I have five years of software development experience in a variety of fields including technology, travel, telecommunications, non-profit, and retail. I live in the Seattle area where I consider myself a full-stack developer, which means I feel comfortable building out features anywhere on the development stack according to feature requirements from product owners and UI/UX folk and I own those changes end-to-end. I enjoy working on software applications, responsive websites, mobile applications, and querying databases.

Developer Roles/Programming Languages:

My first introduction to programming was writing Java code. I remember setting up my environment to run the Java Virtual Machine on my Windows laptop and writing an initial command line application that could accept number inputs and performed simple calculations on the user-specified inputs. Since this humble beginning learning java, I have gained exposure to several programming languages and development stacks and have switched my preferred development operating platform to a Mac, although I currently use a Windows machine to work on Microsoft Excel. Below I have summarized my work history by some of my developer roles and their associated development stacks:

Version Control/Repositories:

Throughout my experience as a developer, I have had the opportunity to program in many codebases. My version control experience in SVN, Perforce, Source Depot, and Git helps me quickly ramp up and begin contributing to projects new to me. Using Git I feel confident cloning new repositories, creating pull requests, and following readme instructions to get projects running locally. I am also able to get around using more challenging topics such as forking, setting up remotes, and rebasing. I firmly believe development projects should reside in some sort of version control repository and that gaining proficiency in a version control system is a must for developers. Although I primarily work in corporate repositories where my code contributions are not publically available, I do have public profiles on (link), (link), and several years ago I created a channel with more than 300k views on that includes a tutorial about using SVN (link).

Contact Me:

I am always looking for new possibilities. If you're interested and I can make the time, I'd love to talk. To get in touch, message me through my public profile on (link) or send me an email at Email.